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10 Day - 60 Hrs Introductory Yoga and Meditation Training

18 - 27 August Crete, Levinthos

We welcome you to explore your yoga journey and deepen your yoga knowledge with this 10 days yoga retreat at Levinthos in Crete.

This 60-hour yoga training is ideal for those who are beginner, those who have limited time, those who want to improve and refresh their practice, or those who are not yet sure if they want to become yoga instructors.

You will learn a lot, challenge your self-limited beliefs, deepen your asana practice and yoga philosophy knowledge with an emphasis on alignment and anatomy. You will explore the yoga lifestyle in depth and will be inspired by the powerful energy of the island.

This training held in Levinthos, known for its spirituality, calmness, beautiful beach, tasty Greek cuisine, and slow way of life is perfect for you to immerse yourself in the practice near the Lybean Sea. Welcome to an oasis of peace where you will experience comfort, elegance, and plenty of inspiration.

This is an amazing opportunity to expand your yoga knowledge and asana practice on South Crete, known for its beautiful landscape and peaceful energy.

Your experience here will be one of tranquillity, transformation and joy. During your 10 days yoga retreat you may choose from single or double occupancy rooms. All rooms come with sea views and elegant decor, to provide you with inspiration and overall relaxing experience.

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