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Circle of Men

Updated: May 18

Introduction to Sexual Energy 

Saturday 15 June Copenhagen

Saturday 29 June Berlin

On this Circle, Angelos introduces you to the concept of the sexual energy based on the ancient traditional tantra yoga. 

You probably heard the term sexual energy and are curious to learn more. Maybe someone told you that you can do amazing things with your sexual energy far beyond sex. 

Discover what is energy generally as we are energetic beings living in a reality made up of energy. Sexual energy is the driving force behind the sexual act itself. It is life. It is your superpower. 

This is an invitation to explore starting from yourself and then to others how to use your sexual energy.  

This workshop will guide you through somatic movement, expressive exercises, breathing techniques and discussions.

This is far from tantric sex. Here you use the sexual energy to achieve certain goals or aspirations in your daily life. Feel the magic really unfold and open your self to whats means sexual alchemy. 

No need for previous yoga experience. 

All levels welcome. 

This is an introduction and not a course. 

Circle of Men

Be Inspired, be One of Our Community. 

Please contact me for more information. Thank you!

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