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Action Of Love - A circle of Men

Updated: Oct 2


14 -15 October 2023

A weekend Workshop.

Feel - Share -accept -Respect - change

Action of love is an international community of gay, bi, queer men to bridge the world to come with love and compassion for all life.

Utilising the power of yoga, movement, dance, intimacy, sharing, acceptance, ceremonies , rituals , fun and intentional spaces to deepen into authentic self and lodge growth in men.

Action of love committed to building alchemical spaces for gay bi trans and queer men to be witnessed, heard, and accepted in their deepest truth so they ignite their inner fire and show up full of light and fully present to life.

  • it is a safe space to listen the truths, stories, and impacts of others.

  • It is a way to value of accepting ourselves and others and letting go of control.

  • A place to be open, honest and feel empowered

  • A way to discover new aspects of your life and practice with friendly, supportive like minded people.

  • A path to help you get closer to yourself and to the world.

A return to Love. Through retreats, workshops, trainings, gatherings and individual sessions help men grow and awaken to their true power. Embracing diversity, honour and recognising each one without judgment.

This is the moment for you to be yourself.

Be inspired, be one of our community.

Please contact me for more information. Thank you!

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