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Be Yourself 

Men Only Spiritual Yoga Retreats

This circle of retreats is for gay, bi, trans, men who want to regain balance, release stress, strengthen body and mind, deepen their awareness and arrive to a space of natural joy and inner freedom. 

You are all welcome!


Those  retreats have something for everyone and is much more than just a yoga holiday.


This is an excellent opportunity to stretch, meditate, dance, connect, relax, discover new aspects of your life and practice with friendly, supportive likeminded people.


This is a retreat for you to reflect on your life, is a way to reconsider patterns and habits, to have some deeply restorative time for you, to connect deeply to nature, make positive changes in your life and to rediscover and explore your relationship to yourself and others. 


Each time a unique group of men coming together to practice, share, accept, respect and have a sacred time! and always my intention is to help you make the most of it! 


This program will help you get closer to yourself and to the world as we embrace self acceptance, self love, and confronting fears and doubts that hold you back in life. You will discover new pathways in your mind, your body, and your spirit, and it will bring a greater understanding of where you stand in life.

Men only spiritual yoga retreat is here to inspire and guide you into a new way of living.

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Mykonos, Amorgos, Crete, Athens,Paros, Mexico, Portugal, Berlin  

   Retreats 2024

20- 27 July  
19-26 October 

21-28 September

Peru - Machu Picchu
22 Dec 2024 - 2 Jan 2025

17 -24 January 2025 

Men only Yoga Teacher Training
April 2025
Please don't hesitate contact me via email for more information and bookings. 


Reviews- Testimonials 

"A perfect journey !"

This retreat was an amazing and positive experience! I couldn’t have dream to have a better yoga instructor than Angelos! Kind and wise, you can sense how he mastered his practice of yoga and how he kindly teach and share it with the group. Angelos brought always positive vibes with a perfect balance between physical exercises and times for mediation. He was always also here for each of us to help us to reach our goals and go beyond ! Additionally, as a group we had an amazing connection with beautiful souls. An humbling lesson of gratitude ! 


"A wonderful, healing experience"

Angelos is a fantastic teacher. He is very personable and I felt comfortable with him from the very first second. Not only is he a great teacher, he is also a wonderful person. His yoga classes are absolutely great, and the activities he ran in the afternoon made for an unforgettable experience. This is a great retreat for anyone who feels lost and needs to reconnect with himself and other people. After a year and a half of pandemic, it was a breath of fresh air. It is so much more than just yoga! I can’t recommend it enough.


"A one of a kind experience"

I have been looking for my entrance to the world of Yoga for a long time. This Yoga Retreat was the best way I could possibly think of to get this beautiful journey started. Angelos is an amazing, warm-hearted teacher who is welcoming everyone as it was his best friend. His calm yet energetic personality made a true difference at this retreat and he created an open atmosphere where everyone was able to learn, share and grow on his own level. Thank you so much for this incredible experience and the beautiful memories we created!


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