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200Hrs Yoga Teacher Training: Take your personal practice to the next level and transform your life.

Updated: Apr 3

Vinyasa, Hatha

Yoga Teacher Training

Crete, Levinthos

03 - 27 November 2024

You are warmly welcomed to join the transformational yoga teacher training in one of the most stunning places in South Crete.

Following a yoga teacher training is a decision that can change your life in many ways. It is not just a training program but will be a transformational experience. Most of the times a yoga teacher training will impact your life far beyond your expectations as it will spark an ongoing process of personal growth.

A typical curriculum includes a deep-dive into asanas, including hands-on assists and differences in anatomy, pranayama techniques, philosophy, and the business of yoga. The programs all spend a significant portion focusing on the spiritual, silent elements of yoga such as pranayama, meditation techniques, mantras, physiology, methodology, philosophy.

With a small class size of approximately 10 other students, you can expect to be part of a very attentive yoga teacher training that stays true to its motto “everything is possible “ as embracing people of all body types, ages and backgrounds.

In the yoga teacher training course, you will follow the traditional Hatha yoga and keep on focus to the following point: ‘’Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self’’ as it is written in the Bhagavad Gita.

A high level of will-power and self-discipline is required during the course as it is physically, mentally, and spiritually demanding as well as highly rewarding. It is very important the participants have physical and mental health.

A teacher training gives you time to reflect on what you have done with your life so far and what truly matters to you. You get up at fixed times and go to bed early. The food you eat is healthy and nutritious. This is a nice way to create a new life style. A course like that open your mind and change your perspective on life. Increase physical strength and flexibility, it helps to connect with yourself, gain confidence to teach, boost your self confidence and make friends for life.

Levinthos Retreat Center consists of eco-friendly apartments which are carved into earth, bearing the lowest possible visual and environmental footprint. The cave-houses maximize the authentic relationship between the house-user and the landscape. In addition, there are four first floor studios which offer breathtaking view over the Libyan sea. Right in front of the apartments there is a path which leads to a magical small beach with blue waters where you can enjoy relaxation and swimming.

Please contact us for the early bird prices and more information.


"Transformational experience in paradise "

My yoga teacher training (200 hrs) with Angelos was a transformational experience in all senses - a step closer to my inner self! In a few weeks only I got to deepen my theoretical understanding of yoga, anatomy of the body, set the first steps in learning how to teach yoga classes, meditation, getting to know different pranayama techniques and did many many many hours of yoga practice (200 to be exact :-)). With that, I truly got to deepen my understanding of yoga and its philosophy. More importantly, I connected to myself, truly. That's where Angelos' amazingness came in: he is passionate, inspirational, devoted, loving, caring, knowledgable and 150% honest. Together with his wholehearted support, it allows personal growth at its best & purest form. If I were to recommend any teacher for yoga or yoga teacher trainings, where you are trusting your body, mind and soul to another human being, then it would be Angelos with no single doubt! Enjoy his wisdom, care & aura, it's unique! And on top of all this, the beautiful nature, accommodation and zen around the Lentas retreat center. Amazing!

Review by Jasmin V. from Netherlands

"Diving into humanity"

I had really high expectations. It tooks me a while to chose my YTT. And I didnt regret my choice. More than a stage in a beautiful place. This séjour was a real therapeutic, méditative, nutrishous time. Yoga is so immense, and because of the exceptionnal place, and the beautiful heart of the teacher, I was safe to explore all the personnal teaching the intensive practice gave me. Angelos is a real beautiful heart. I really appreciate his humanity. Really. We were all together students of life, and he bring us so much love... So much acceptation... We had beautiful, unique time. I came back so much healthy than before. Inside and outside. And the most precious benefit, with a real personnal practice, and the pleasure to teach and share it. Don't waite. Just go. And let it flow.

Review by Jennifer M. from France

Thanks a lot dear Angelos & the wonderful Team of Levinthos Retreat Center / Filoxenia for this wonderful experience! Angelos supported each of us with a lot of compassion in our personal, spiritual and yogic growth. I'm very happy, I joined his Teachers training, I feel well prepared now for taking further steps. The food was very fresh and pure and included lots of varieties, also vegan choice! The landscape around is fantastic and very peaceful. A perfect spot for this Yoga Experience in Europe.

Vanessa, Germany

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