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Ayurveda Yoga and Meditation Retreat

08 - 15 July 2024

Molyvos, Lesvos

Milelja Retreat Center

An Holistic Wellness experience

Join this eight-day wellness retreat at Milelja Retreat Center in stunning Molyvos in Lesvos.

This retreat gives you the opportunity to explore Ayurveda and yoga along with organic Vegan/ Vegetarian food according to your body and mind constitution.

Ayurveda means “the knowledge of life”. In its essence Ayurveda provides you with the knowledge of who you are and how to live your life in harmony. For this you need to understand your own mind-body personality (dosha) and Ayurveda gives you the key to this understanding! 

During your stay, you will focus on cleansing and rejuvenating your body and mind. The aim is to nourish your soul and relax in a wonderful natural surrounding. Balance your ‘doshas’ for an enriching spiritual and holistic experience in the most tranquil of settings. Enjoy lifestyle recommendation and meditation sessions which will help restore your body as this holistic approach cleanses the body of potential toxins, whilst you achieve natural harmony with yoga practice. Learn to listen again to the needs of your body, mind, and spirit towards to your personal transformation.

The Milelja Retreat Center is located on the Greek Island of Lesvos in the eastern Aegean, a ten minutes walk to the sea and the small town of Molyvos. The Milelja Retreat center provides a calm and intimate atmosphere for Workshops and Retreats. With a sweeping view of Molyvos and the sea, our three acre property with its old trees and flower gardens, natural stone buildings harmoniously set into the landscape create a truly lush and unique character.

"Molyvos : also known as Mythimna is one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Lesvos located 60 km west of Mytilene, the capital of the island. Molyvos is famous attracting thousands of visitors with its natural beauty and picturesque corners. Narrow alleys winding around the traditional stone built houses, the Turkish style fountains and beautiful mansions compose an idyllic setting.The landmark of Molyvos is the medieval castle that stands at the top of the rocky cliff and is the second largest castle of Lesvos. Its entrance is quite impressive as well as the view to the Aegean. The archaeological collection, the numerous Byzantine churches and the neoclassical buildings witness a place of special importance. Plenty of accommodations, seaside taverns and nice cafes are found in the village.

Closest airport: Mitilini Airport Odysseas Elytis

You can the reach the airport of Mitilini  with direct flights or through Athens and Thessaloniki. We will organize taxi transportation and if your arrivals are close, you could share the ride. 

Please contact me for bookings and more information.

Thank you 


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